A video peek at the Sycamore home

“Scene 1: The home of Martin Vanderhof…The room we see is what is customarily described as a living room, but in this house the term is something of an understatement. The every-man-for-himself room would be more like it…this is a house where you do as you like, and no questions asked.” That’s how the script... Learn More

Announcing the cast of WELL

Lisa Kron's "solo show with people in it" opens February 17

This wonderfully human “solo show with people in it”, from the author of the Broadway hit Fun Home, examines the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter as they attempt to make sense of the world and each other, with riotously funny and unexpected results. KATE DUNLOP TOMATIS (Lisa)     BUNNY WALKER (Ann)  ... Learn More