Board and Staff



CCCT is a not-for-profit community theatre with its permanent home in West Contra Costa County. Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality entertainment to residents throughout the East Bay and to provide training in live performing arts for children and adults.

Board of Directors

Board members are trustees who act on behalf of the Theatre; with principal responsibility for fulfillment of CCCT’s mission and accountability for operations. CCCT is always open to individuals who want to serve the Theatre, and our community, through membership on the Board.

If you are interested and would like to discuss Board membership, please contact Board President Kathleen J. Perka at


CCCT Board of Directors (effective October 2020)

Kathleen J. Perka, President
Kimberly Mayer, Past President
Sandy Bacskai, Secretary
Gabriele Simpson, Treasurer

Donna Houser, Member
Marty Kaliski, Member
Steven Kirby, Member
Kathleen Ray, Member
Maureen Ray, Member
Irene Takahashi, Esq., Member
Mark Wininger, Member

Brit Johnson, Board Liaison
Matt Flynn, Vice President of Facilities


Marilyn Langbehn, Executive Artistic Director
Kristin Smith, Production Manager
Catherine Maggio, Office Coordinator
Lizzy Asarnow, Education Director